We believe learning should be fun. Our theme-based curriculum is designed to be age appropriate and meet the needs of each individual child and focuses on the whole child, not just the brain. We take an active approach to learning and use an experience-based process to introduce cognitive concepts. We foster the child’s competence through hands-on learning and problem solving while exploring a weekly or monthly theme. The activities focus on the social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development of each child. Math and reading readiness, colors, shapes, and visual and auditory discrimination are presented in a variety of learning games and activities. Social and communicative skills are also emphasized in our daily routines.

We believe that the children and the teachers are a team that work together to learn about the world. Our classrooms are child-directed with the teachers establishing areas of interest based on the needs and interests of the group. The environment is set up to be both supportive and safe. The basic premise for our curriculum is that the children learn through play. Activity centers are set up throughout the room to offer children a variety of opportunities for exploration. This provides the child choices to investigate the activities at his/her own pace. The centers include, but are not limited to imaginative/dramatic play, blocks and transportation, science, language development/reading, games and manipulative and creative art.